The organization is required to control documented information in order to ensure that it is available where needed and that it is suitable for use.  It must also be adequately protected against improper use, loss of integrity, and loss of confidentiality. We are a reliable safety consulting company that provides safety training and consulting services to customers. Our services are as follows:


Onsite Assessment

  • Determine the number, type, and location of first aid cabinets, PPE, AEDs, eyewash, and fire extinguishers.

Product Selection

  • Based on your hazards, meet or exceed ANSI/OSHA/NFPA10 standards.

Monthly Service

  • Restocking product, inspecting safety equipment, checking expiration dates, reviewing ANSI/OSHA/NFPA requirements.


  • Multiple payments and billing options simplifying the process and helping you project costs.


  • Photo, written, and digital service documentation.

Ongoing Support

  • 24/7 Customer Service and account access.

First Aid

  • ANSI/OSHA Check
  • Customized Fill List
  • Monthly Service
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AED & Oxygen

  • Monthly Inspections
  • Expired pads/batteries
  • Program Management
  • Enterprise Programs

Fire Extinguishers

  • NFPA 10 Compliance
  • Monthly Inspection
  • New Unit – 6yr. (ABC only)

Eyewash Station

  • Function Check
  • Monthly Inspection

Safety & PPE

  • Delivered and stocked
  • Inventory min-max
  • Thousands of products

Safety Training

  • Customized
  • Multiple Classes/formats
  • Instructor led & Online
  • Renewal Management

Next Steps ...

Our friendly customer service agents are standing by to assist you.

As a business owner, it is important for you to make sure that your worksite is safe and that all of your employees are up to code. With our safety training courses, we are able to provide you with the lessons necessary to meet these goals. Our consultants make sure that everything is explained in layman’s terms so that all of the lessons are easy for every one of our students to understand. Remember, safety training today can help you avoid an expensive, dangerous accident tomorrow.

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